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Sue's Herbal Journey

Herbal Happenings in my garden and in my Life.

Sue B
8 March
Hi, Hmm this intro has changed to : I am now retired and live on 3/4 of an acre of Heaven on Earth. Love my garden, grow herbs, study herbs and enjoy life. I am still using that lifetime of artistic ideas though!

I live in a remote area on 5 acres, grow my own food and try to tread lightly on the Earth.
I grow plants for papermaking and have built a mud brick kiln from earth on my property to fire my ceramic sculptures.
I am a Piscean and love the sea.I read prolifically and love all book arts. I occasionally paint in oils and carve in wood.
In 2004 I am invited to go China to be an Artist-in-Residence and attend the 1000th Anniversary of the kilns of Jingdezhen,Porcelain capital of China.I hope to have a lifetimes worth of artistic ideas when I return.