Sue B (antesoo) wrote,
Sue B

Salves, borage, lavender and dandelion tea.

Busy creative day today. First was a borage and lavender infused salve. Using pure dental beeswax i combined borage double infused oil with a strong lavender infused oil, it smells and feels delightful on my skin.
I found a use for the 64 small tins i brought online then found they were smaller than i anticipated for my soap. They are ideal for salve.

I picked some dandelion and made a tisane by infusing the leaves in hot water for ten minutes. It was quite palatable and tasted more like green tea than anything else. I think the flowers would make it too bitter so i left them out.

I took some cuttings and potted them up too, first i did some Correa then some Escallonia cuttings. Hopefully if they take i can use them to hedge a new herb bed though i may use Santolina (lavender cotton) if i can find some, the silvery bush makes a nice low hedge.

I cannot remember ever getting three strong wind warnings in a week but another just came through saying 100klm hr winds tomorrow. This week has been incredibly windy.

I am getting frustrated trying to add images to this blog, my connection is very slow and livejournal sends me to two other sites before i can upload images....grrrr. So no pics today though they are there waiting.

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