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Borage pasta,tea and reading.

I decided last night to be adventurous with my Borage, in just a week it has become prolific and three bushes are in full flower with three coming  into bud now, and then the volunteer seedlings around the herbaceous border are all thinking about growing right up too. I will have drifts of soft blue everywhere soon. How lovely! And the bees ! The bees!

So...pasta....last night, after a day in the garden I decided to open one of my previously  preserved bottles of pasta sauce.With a a tinker or two I had Borage and Bacon Pasta.....and it was delicious.

Start with a  jar of home preserved pasta sauce ( if you must you can buy one).
Two rashes of middle bacon  chopped roughly, one bunch of Borage leaves chopped finely, one garlic clove chopped finely. A handful of snow peas or broccoli or both.A small handful of parsley finely chopped. A cup of pasta cooked in three cups of boiling water until al dente, strain and place in pasta bowls. ( I used spirals but any pasta is ok).
Chookie's Homemade Chunky Pasta Sauce.
Place a little ( about a tablespoon) of oil in a heavy base pan, add  garlic and bacon and fry until soft, add pasta sauce & heat until it simmers, add Borage, snow peas etc,and  parsley, cook for maximum seven mins at simmer only. Place over pasta, add a sprig of parsley and some  parmesan and ....enjoy! Simple easy and delicious. For vegans just omit the bacon.
Borage and Bacon Pata
The steam is making the pic a bit blurred or is that my shaky hand? LOL

I am sitting here at the computer with my borage tea at hand in my Van Gogh Sunflower it.
Today I decided to try  borage tea with flowers as well as leaves in it.There are so many flowers after a few sunny days that the bees should not notice. I even picked a bowl full for Borage infused oil at the same time, that is simmering just below boiling along with another pot of calendula petals infusing in olive oil.Both I will use in my soap and perhaps try a salve as well.
The Borage tea is my second day of a week of drinking it three times a day. I feel more contented but is that Spring, the garden or the tea? It doesn't taste any different with flowers in it, they lose their lovely blue colour and become tiny stars with diaphanous gowns of clear silk floating in the tea. I prefer Borage tea to the Cleaver tea, it is distinctly gentler and more flavorful. I can only liken it to green tea.The cleaver tea tasted like grass..strong grass! LOL
I think I need to reduce my images down a size more...these are supposed to be small email.
My herb scissors were a wonderful find, they shred evenly and even cut through the green stalks....much easier than chopping with a knife.
Borage Tea
herbal journey 008
Fresh picked Borage & cut  into olive oil for Infusion.
Freshly picked and then chopped with my new herb scissors for infusing in the olive oil. This Borage oil will be used in my soap making and also in a salve.

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