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Questions without answers.

I just received a newsletter from Susun Weed's site and in she makes a pretty big statement with no references to back it up. I really question this statement....not because it may not be true....quite possibly it is ....but how would she know? Our ancestors did not have the scientific facilities we have today so  knew little about mineral content of foods they ate, so where I ask did this statement come from?

"For our bodies to function optimally – including the nervous, immune, and hormonal systems - women must ingest a broad spectrum of minerals. In our Western culture, many of our diets are mineral deficient. 
Partially due to food choices, another factor is the condition of our soils.  The needed mineral content is simple not available after decades of large-scale, industrial farming, which has stripped the soils and washed the minerals out to sea.  Even our organic foods has less mineral content then when it was ingested by our ancestors..." Susun Weed Newsletter 14/09/2013.
A second attempt at Cleaver tea had me picking them fresh and making the tea in a smaller amount than previously. Once it was brewed I  strained it and drank a smaller cup than last time just in case I have a similar reaction to the firstresize_005 time. It reminds me of new mown hay , not sure if it the flavor or the smell. it seems to be just a grassy flavor really.

My books sitting beside my chair. Without meaning to , over the years I have amassed quite a collection of books containing information on herbs and their uses. Maybe I always had a secret desire to study herbs?resize_017
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