Sue B (antesoo) wrote,
Sue B

Afternoon teas, herbs and my fireside.

Today i drove the 50 odd klm into my nearest large town. I had afternoon tea duty at our Lapidary Club for a special visit from a group from the local day care centre. Most visitors were aged infirm but a couple were also mentally challenged but very happy people. We put on a nice spread and gave a talk then showed a video and handed out gifts made by members using our rock collection spares. Everyone went home happy and sated.

I am on duty again in a fortnight for a second groups visit. I baked a boiled fruitcake using my home dried sultanas and figs and used my apple cider as the liquid instead of water. I also made a coffee walnut cake and both went down well.

On the way home i stopped in at a plant nursery and came out with a nice collection of additions  my garden. Sage (salvia Officinalis) was first, then a real find of an Elderberry Tree (sambucus nigra) and a small pot of Lemon Verbena. It will take a while to grow to full size but has been hard to find anywhere. No Herb Robert as yet though.
I also brought another Campanula for my border and a Queen Anne' Lace for the bees.
It rained while i was away and tonight i noticed all the Borage transplant seedlings have lifted their leaves and sparked up in thanks, rain is always more welcome than a hose i think. I did water them in with rainwater but rain is better fresh.
I lit my open fire in the lounge when i arrived home and sat by the fire to scan through my herb books again. A friends son has some kind of jaundice after a football incident which broke his eye socket and required surgery to repair a week or so ago. It now looks as though either the anesthetic or the shock has caused a liver imbalance. I knew i had read of an herb good for the liver but i now realise it is far too complicated for me to even suggest anything for him and likely to be a multitude of herbs rather than a single tea. He is now to have a liver biopsy as his count is over 1000 instead of around 40 so something is very wrong, not good for an active 17 year old just about to be doing his year 12 exams. Poor lad is devastated and quite ill and scared and so are his parents.
I have my own Dr appointment tomorrow for my regular BP prescription renewal and bp check. It is consistently high even on the high doses of meds i have had for the past 15 years. I am trying a new clinic as the other one has had a different Dr every time i go so i have had no continuity at all. I will take the cd of my ankle mri and see what she suggests.i am tired of the ache and swelling after more than 2 years of it.
I seem to be doing a lot of rambling and not so much herbal reporting but will buckle down to making some potions in the next few days. I will try the Cleaver tea again in a reduced dose and make some Borage tea with fresh leaves,i also have some leaves almost dry now too.
I am also going to infuse some oil with saffron to see if i can use it to colour a batch of soap. I brought it at an Indian grocery so don't know if is genuine saffron or not, there is nothing on the container at all! The lady just said it was saffron from India so i risked it. I will just infuse a quarter teaspoon in 50 grams of oil and see what happens to start with.

Melaleuca Alternifolia in bloom. Common Teatree provides Teatree oil and a lovely scent from crushed leaves. I will make a tea from the blossoms when it flowers soon. Teatree has great natural antiseptic and antifungal properties. I always use it in my Gardener's soap and also in my dog soap recipe.
Ginger lily, here's hoping mine flowers like this one.i have lemon and ginger tea daily to ward off colds.

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