Sue B (antesoo) wrote,
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Blossom & Books

Borago Officinalis......Borage in flower.

Today i took a slow. Drive around my rural area to study the trees in flower right now. Many Acacia varities are celebrating the birth of Spring with golden tresses on green dresses.
Prunus in her pink and burgundy is in full bloom, white almonds are clothed in drifts of white with the new green buds of leaves just peeping through the clouds of blossom. Cherry plums clothe the roadsides in their  gorgeous white ephemeral wedding gowns, dancing in the wind and scattering her petals like confetti on the road.

In my garden the cheerful pink blossoms of peach and nectarine vie for attention with the apricot's & plum's lovely white blossoms. A little rain has refeshed and enchanted the grass and blossoms,  although the almond trees have thrown their blossoms as confetti all over the garden, the hens run to the white specks of blossom only to turn away disappointed, no food!

Today i also picked up two boxes from the freight company. My daughter Wendy and i sent them from her home in Perth along with her sewing cabinet which i shall treasure always. One box held some books i found while visiting Perth and have now added them to my herbal library. The other contained some things Wendy has asked me to keep for her as she battles heart complications and the threat of blindness from PXE. She is an inspiration in her strength and focus,  she tries hard  to stay on a level keel as the ground shifts under her. A mother should not have to watch a chick struggle like this...i wish it were my burden to bear.

my garden is my solace,  being so far away is a burden in itself.

I will bury my depression in my herbal studies, maybe even find something to help her.....i wish!

so far my own herbal library consists of the following books, all contain information on herbs  in various much to learn....must hurry slowly.

Culpeper's Colour Herbal. Foulsham &Co.
Dorothy Hall's Herbal Medicine, Lothian Books.
What Herb is That? By John & Rosemary Hemphill. Lifetime Books.
Herbal Treatments for Common Ailments; an Australian & NZ Guide. Compendium Books.
Your  Herb Garden by John Hemphill. Weldon Books
The Book of Weeds  by Ken Thompson. Dorling Kindersley
The Complete Home Guide to Aromatherapy. Erich Keller. Kramer Books.
Essential Aromatherapy; McGilvery &Reed. Treasure Press
Natural Home Spa by Sian Rees.Random House.
The Wordsworth Guide to Edible Plants and Animals.A&H Livingston. Wordsworth Reference.

My want list includes some reference books unavailable in my small local library so i will search for them online.
online references and searches through Google Scholar will also help add to my research references.
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