July 16th, 2015



I have returned to my felting  this Winter. I did a felting dyeing and printing workshop at Artery in Warrnambool over two Saturdays then a three day weekend workshop at Beautiful Silks in Allansford with tutor Soomee Kim. Had a great time and it has motivated me to get to NZ for the Felting Convergence in late Sept and to register for Grampians Textile next February, so it is all go on Felting just now. Here are some images from the latest two  workshops showing the dye printed felt using eucalyptus leaves only in with water and old iron horsehoes for the grey look and the jacket/vest which I am doing so blending work with needle felting on at the moment to settle it down a bit.
The vest was made at Beautiful Silks and unfortunately is not yet finished because I had some unwanted "help" when I was at lunch and the colors were changed,the amount of gathered silk the tutor added was too much for the felting process and the whole just too busy in the end, so I am slowly reworking it. It is reversible and the reverse is quieter and more to my preference. The color scheme came from a work I did in collage many years ago and which is still in my studio,I have included it so you get the idea.
The grey /brown are the print dyed felt ,one a scarf and the other I made into an ipad/shoulder bag.
My next project will be hat making as we need to wear different themes each day of the Felting Convergence so I will wear hats.LOL
I have four hat moulds arrived from US and a couple of op shop finds I have hardened to use as moulds. My first hat attempt is the hat at the end which  I felted until it is too small for me....sad.no titlereverse back
no titleReverse
no titleHat moulds
no titleFront
no titleThe bag made from the dyed felt.
no titleI do love the depth and coloration when printing with natural  plants. I am planting a dye garden next.
no titleThe scarf and the felt for the bag.no titleMy Irish hat, fit for a Leprechaun.
no title