July 3rd, 2015


salve making

This is my latest batch of salve, again using comfrey and calendula. it has healed a nasty blister on my finger very quickly.
I am finding it hard to type with my arm in the sling but will persist, it helps with the pain in my shoulder if I rest my arm in the sling a few times a day at least.

Variegated Elderberry

IMG_4390.JPGMaybe this year the Elderberry might produce for me, I planted a Lemon Verbena in the same garden in 2012 along with this Elderberry, and the Lemon Verbena has provided leaves and seeds and needed cutting back a bit, not so much the Elderberry yet.I have yet to add the "Balck Lace vaiety to the garden , a lovely dark burgundy Elderberry with pink flowers ,it is a beauty and one I must add.I have two normal Elderberries as well but both are too young to bear yet. Elderflower Champagne is a very old use for them and one I am keen to try.My Rhubarb Champagne was very successful last year and is still going stong though it does fizz a bit when the cork is popped.Here is a link to the recipe at River cottage, Just love Hugh and his team! https://www.rivercottage.net/recipes/sparkling-elderflower-wine