September 30th, 2013


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Spring has definitely reached my garden. I am so happy t0 be able to share pics today via my computer,usually so slow today it is being helpful.
This is an image taken today after I picked a few Ranunculi and wall flowers (Cheiranthus) for a vase. Just makes me smile to see the colours.


Here are some of the salves I made yesterday, I am loving that the tins I brought are not being wasted.
Borage and lavender salve

I have been drinking dandelion tea again today, hoping it's supposed antioxidant properties will defuse my cholesterol problem. Along with walnuts, cranberries, broccoli from the garden etc etc.
Dandelion plant

dandelion tea infusing.

And of course my Herb Ally Borage is not forgotten.
Even with this weeks wind and rain the bees are so happy to have it. With so much now in flower I can safely pick some for a double infusion to make some soap that will be kind to gardener's hands.
Borage for infusing

And just for fun some more flowers from my garden taken today. The rhodo is just a metre high and less than two years old but just look at the bloom! Oh I love Spring .

This salve is in a tinn I will keep ...I just love the cheeky artist!
Borage and lavender salve with my special tin.