September 28th, 2013


What a week

What a week, not one i ever want to relive in a hurry. A normal Dr visit to renew BP meds ended with me on an ECG machine, spending next day fasting and having a multitude of tests. Dr tells me i have recently had a minor heart attack which has left some damage.....what a shock!
To add to my misery my cholesterol spiked so i needed to take meds for cholesterol....wait for body didn't like them at all, i spent a week ill, dizzy and diarroea before returning to Dr to beg off them. I have talked. Her into giving me three months to reduce using natural remedies.
My herbal studies are taking a new turn!

I have now made a list of helpful herbs and will make teas individually and in combination for the duration, plus go back onto Krill oil capsules which i abandoned a few months ago and which i suspect has contributed to the spike in my cholesterol.

The herbs i have identified as helpful include:
Green tea
Apple cider vinegar.

I am adding turmeric to most of my savory food now. Cut back on coffee and drinking more green tea and sometimes with ginger
Snacking on cranberries,ginger and walnuts is fun and i was already doing i can feel good about it. Lol
My elderberry is just a twig as yet so i may have to look into capsules from a health food shop for now. Hawthorn will be in bloom soon , berries not until Autumn.
Dandelion is flowering now so picking young leaves for salad and teas.
I am experimenting with a cool drink mixture with the apple cider vinegar. I am also wondering if other vinegars are a help as i really love my balsamic vinegar as a salad dressing on it's own?

After a week of feeling quite unwell i am happy to say, Today i feel much better after clearing my system of the chemical meds.

I made some calendula and lavender salve using infused oils from both herbs. Next will be some soap using the remaining infused oils.

I Began work on my next painting, just priming the canvas and preparing the collage items thus far. This one will be titled Bees Love Calendula.
I did some small touch ups to the Borage painting and it is now signed and drying. I hope to continue this series of paintings inspired through my herb studies.