September 15th, 2013


Borage tea, Painting- Bees Love Borage.

Drinking ...and enjoying ....a cup of Borage tea. I didn't dry these leaves but cut young ones fresh and steeped them in very hot water. It tastes very like my favorite chinese green tea.

Well it is done YAY. Today I finished the  collage mixed media painting that has been sitting on my easel for a month or more. I knew I wanted to use bees as a theme but after painting in a background and sticking down the lovely brown cut paper recycled from  packaging, I came to a halt...inspiration was missing. Until yesterday.
The dimensional cut paper I think adds an extra dimension as it appears to move as you walk around the painting and to offer glimpses underneath, it's pattern also reminds me of  honeycomb from the hive
This morning, after thinking about it last night , I did a Vincent Van Gogh and finished it in an hour,  because it was all there in my head waiting to be released. YAY...l love it when something works like this.

Vincent is in my mind right now as I have  just opened a lovely  box of four Van Gogh  coffee mugs with his paintings on them, love them! Lovely shape, right size and my daughter go it just right, clever girl.. One of Vincent's missing paintings turned up recently and this week was released to the public at the Van Gogh Museum.It was in the attic of a house in France because all the family thought it was a fake. Now they are $40 million richer....and even better- the world has an onother Vincent Van Gogh painting to admire and cherish.

Here is my finished painting called Bees Love Borage. Can you see the pollen  everywhere? It is an impressionistic painting and I wanted to  offer the concept of bees and borage and the empathy they share.

Below is a pic of the work in progress before I painted it this morning, I have walked past it in my studio for  more than a month, ignoring it and wishing it would go away because I didn't have an idea how to finish it. Yesterday after working with my Borage in the garden and watching the bees busy in the flowers it was all there for me. Thank you Borage.
May2013 074
This is the background painted first.
May2013 075
Then the brown packing paper added over the top ..the white is wet glue which dried clear. So glad it is now finished.
I now have an idea for a Calendula painting using a similar technique and theme. maybe I could add dried petals too? hmmmm. Watch this space! LOL