September 12th, 2013


Dietes gift, planting and potting

A friend dropped by today with two big plants of Dietes (native iris) we planted them at the back of the herbaceous border along the front fence. They are so large that they provided an instant mature garden look. We then retired to the kitchen for coffee and a look at the eggs in the incubator which I Have  set up on the workbench in my studio.

later i planted / repotted the Sambucus Nigra (Elderberry) and the Lemon Verbena. Both were in small pots and small plants which would be lost in the garden just yet so i will grow them on in pots until they grow big enough to fend for themselves. I set out the Sage (Salvia Officialis) in the vegie beds and by the chook pen where the hens can pick at it through the fence if they want.
i pulled some chickweed but gave it to the hens as it had too many grass weeds through it. I will use scissors and just cut tops for tea tomorrow.
this site has some good info relating to Australia. A bit cool and showery today for too much outdoor work but the plants appreciate it. Spring is bursting through in buds everywhere now. I am still waiting for my variegated lilac to bud up but as i only planted it in June , the cold soil is holding it back a little. I hope it flowers like this!
Chickweed running rampant. The above site has recipes for using chickweed.