September 9th, 2013


Visitors,chickens incubation.

Visitors for lunch today, my DTE swap partner Heather, her husband Paul and my good friend Helmut. It was lovely to meet up with Heather after chatting online, we have a lot in common. They generously made me two unasked for loans, both i accepted and appreciate greatly. Firstly the book Herbal Harvest by Greg Whitten. It is an Australian classic on growing herbs commercially but it also has a lot of info on individual herbs and their uses. Added to that was a pot of grape vine cuttings for my garden.

We strolled around my garden , visited the chookpen to admire my BigBoy and his girls. Then the next surprise, Heather and Paul brought me their small incubator and 2 dozen eggs for me to use. So after reading the instructions and warming it up, the eggs are nestled in their home for the next 21 days. I included seven eggs from my own girls in order to have some of Big Boys chicks included.I am so looking forward to having some chirpy chicks again. I will return the incubator and herb book to Heather and Paul in October, when i will be happy to visit their 50 acre farm only 1.5hr drive from here.
I had potted up some Egyptian Walking Onions, Loquat tree and some comfrey for the swap, i added some calendula and some gardeners soap made in May, and some home preserves as well as some crafty things for Heather.

We admired my new herb garden and communed with the Borage before retiring inside for a long conversation filled meal. Heather added another surprise to her swap with some salt soap and a handknitted washer she made for me, how lovely. To top off a great day there was also a bottle of her Grandmother's recipe Worcestershire Sauce for my pantry.

Later, after my visitors departed i planted some of the grape vines, some in pots, some in the ground and some i left in their home soil. They were fresh cuttings so only time will tell the results.

It took me a while to get the temperature in the incubator to a stable 37.5 but now it is humming along nicely and will automatically turn the eggs every four hours, which means i can safely do my afternoon tea duty at Lapidary club tomorrow.
I also have plans to have my eyes tested for new glasses so will check it last thing before i leave and again when i return. A visit to the local nursery to look at the herb selection might be on the books for the trip home too.

I am planning an evening of reading my herbal book tomorrow night. The pile of books beside my chair is growing. I am somewhat concerned that the information may not be retained properly in my ageing brain. Many notes needed i think.