September 8th, 2013


Rabbit poo, moving Borage and mowing grass.

Whew! It took me a lot of shoveling but i finally filled the four feed bags with rabbit poo. Gosh it was smelly, funny i had expected it to be dry pellets, forgot that rain will melt and meld it into almost concrete like pads under each bank of cages. The lady who offered me their manure has 50. Pet rabbits which she breeds and sells as pets. They were cute but i don't like to see animals confined to small cages with no opportunity to run or be on grass, all the cages were wire on stands above the ground. I forgot how heavy those bags would be once full but finally dragged them up her drive to my car and once home used my wheelbarrow to carry it to the garden.

i spread it around some trees and the new garden bed. I watered it in and it breaks down quite easily under the stream of water.
i also planted most of my Borage volunteer seedlings around the herbaceous border, maybe in Summer i will be able to harvest some without depriving the bees of a food source. Dear Borage, you didn't even wilt at the disruption and move to your new home. Grow on and flourish.

A  friend called in with his brother to collect the young bantam rooster, so glad he has found a good home, it was war in the henhouse with Big Boy and him once he stopped being a chick. One rooster is enough. He was a lovely coloured and feather tail beauty, his new owner loves him and says he will tame him in a week.

Late this afternoon i pulled some Marshmallow roots to dry(malva sp). I will make a tincture from them when they are dry. Maybe also a tea for soap making too. It is said to be good for psoriasis.

I purchased the online pdf version of  Practical Herbs by Henrietta Kress, it is such an enjoyable read i have dropped everything to finish it. I think it will become one of my GoTo books for herbal information, her recipes are very easy to understand too. I did note that my Cleaver tea was probably far too strong, she recommends just two teaspoons of fresh herbs per cup whereas i used a larger amount by far. Ho hum we live and learn.

Tomorrow my swap buddy and her husband come to exchange swaps, share a meal, and talk talk talk, as well as fitting in a visit to a friends lovely garden just up the road. What fun! Ahh yes Life is Good.