Sue B (antesoo) wrote,
Sue B

Time thunders on

Spring is here already andIMG_4484 a month in no less. The garden looks good with so many bulbs and perennials blooming. Lots more to come in Summer too. I am just digging up a new border along the drive in the front lawn.First remove grass then dig and add mulch, planting so far is  penstemon "black Knight", Rosemary,Viburnum opulus ( Snowball bush") Hollyhock seeds and a few other  self seeders like Nigella and Heartsease.Only the first metre dug thus far and about 4 to go. it will be 3 metres wide by about 6 long when completed. I have been given some Elderberry rooted cuttings so will add these plus lavenders and a couple of rose cuttings that have taken for me. I must admit that this year has been good for getting cuttings to strike, plus lots of  seedlings from the Loquat trees have struck so they go to Garden Club trading table or to Permuculture SW meeting swaps.
Later I will add some  Hazelnuts  and Jostaberries too.I tend to overplant to keep weeds down and let the strongest survive the
Pink Justicia in bloom- lovely shrub.

jungle look.LOL
It has been a cold winter and I have had my open fire burning right up to October this year.Next year I will have gas installed as the wood cutting is now beyond me

Achillea, Alyssum, Cineraria "silver dust" and Lemon balm under the fig tree combined with ground covers and penstemons the weeds cannot get a foothold and the bees adore them.
May2013 062
My fish are growing well, but lately a local cat has found the pond- we are at war!

I had a leak in the large pond and had to transfer the fish to the smaller one which made them vulnerable to the cat darn it. Now the pond is fixed and refilled I will transfer them again into the larger pond with more cover.
Ranunculi from the garden
My Happy Wanderer wanders over the fence.
Dahlias bloomed well into Winter this year.
Clematis Montana Alba climbs  entangled with a red rose- the blue wrens love the thicket of it.
Spring bulbs in the North border- fairly shaded area.

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